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When Do I Need Workers Compensation Insurance?
Hired a new employee? Then you need to get them Workers’ Compensation Insurance to protect both of your interests.

Also sometimes referred to as workman’s comp insurance, workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage in cases where employees suffer harm while performing work-related duties.

The Benefits of Getting Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation provides financial assistance for related medical expenses, such as hospitalization and diagnostic testing. It also provides recovering employees with disability payments to make up for lost wages while they can’t work. The amount of disability pay an employee will receive depends on state laws and policy details, but it is meant to allow employees to continue meeting normal financial obligations while they heal.

Workers’ Liability Insurance Protects Both Employees and Business Owners

While worker’s comp is usually thought to be primarily for the benefit of employees, it’s also meant to protect businesses from legal action and potentially serious losses. Employees receive financial compensation without having to prove fault and, in return, they’re prevented from filing personal injury lawsuits against their employer.

Especially if you’re a small or newly established business, the potential impact of a personal injury suit on your finances and reputation can be devastating. In some cases, it can be enough to put you out of business entirely. By carrying worker’s comp insurance coverage, you significantly reduce your risk of being sued and provide valuable peace of mind for yourself and your employees.

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