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Associations and nonprofit organizations face a broad range of risks. No matter the precautions taken, risk is inherent in everyday management decisions and business relationships.
Appropriate coverages for Healthcare facilities:

Arborists and Landscaping


Business Services

Cultural Organizations

Your cultural institution or museum opens its doors to many visitors, so you face unique risks. Visitors can slip and fall. Credit card information can get stolen. Property damage can occur to your museum’s fine art.
Suggested Coverages:

Financial Services

Construction and Contractors

Most contracting businesses have a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). They have this because it helps protect against multiple perils their business may face during the process of establishment. Our coverage options allow contractors and construction businesses to customize a construction insurance program to their specific needs.
Suggested Coverages:


Healthcare facilities face a broad and ever-growing range of risks. These could include anything from slips and falls to contamination events to loss or theft of personal data to malpractice suits.
Appropriate coverages for Healthcare facilities:

Personal Care

If you offer beauty, health, and therapy treatments to your customers, you will likely face unique risks due to personal nature of your service on top of the ones most small businesses deal with.
Appropriate coverages for Personal Care facilities:

Professional Services

Professionals, being in business for others, often needing to protect themselves. Your clients expect confidentiality, security and expertise when they work with you. So, lawsuits resulting from data breaches and claims of professional negligence can be common in your industry.
Appropriate coverages for Professional Services:

Publishers and Printers

If your employees use large machinery like printing press, forklifts or using corrosive chemicals for production, it means your business will need to be protected from lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage as well as equipment breakdown, business interruption or copyright infringement.
Appropriate coverages for Publishers and Printers:

Pet Services

Working with pets has plenty of perks, but it also comes with potential risks that other business owners do not have to worry about. As a vet or dog trainer or a groomer, having the right type of business insurance can make all the difference.
Appropriate coverages for Pet Services:

Food and Beverage

If you serve any kind of food or drink, you’re going to need food liability insurance. Being in the food and beverage business can come with great risks. That is why it is important to protect your restaurant with the best kind of coverage. We love small businesses and like helping them to move forward.
Appropriate coverages for Food and Beverage Industry:


The Communications & Technology Industry is evolving rapidly as information is disseminated in new and innovative ways every day. Businesses in this dynamic and growing industry face unique and ever-changing risks.
Appropriate coverages for Technology Industry:


Most fabricating and manufacturing businesses face unique risks. For example, if you work with band saws or drill presses, your employees face a high level of risk, because these tools can be dangerous and need years of experience to operate. On top of the unique risks, your business also has some of the more common risks that all businesses face. These can include property damage from unexpected events, or the loss of important records or files.
Appropriate coverages for Manufacturers:

Retail and Wholesale

Managing inventories, equipment and facilities, displaying merchandise and having customers over can expose your distribution company to some unique risks. And that is on top of the usual risks businesses deal with, like property damage or the loss of important records.
Appropriate coverages for Retail and Wholesale:

Green Businesses

Green products require renewable and recyclable material, technology, huge investments in research and development which is costly. Problems of deceptive advertising and false claims make green businesses face unique types of risks.
Appropriate coverages for Green Business:

Industry Innovations

Enabling organizations to leverage the considerable investment in current systems and services with solutions that provide an evolutionary strategy to improve information services.
Appropriate coverages for Industry Innovators:
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