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The Benefits of Getting Teacher’s Liability Insurance

As an educator, you’re focused on helping your students develop. You need to be disciplined, creative, and diligent in order to make breakthroughs and convey important lessons. You teach your students ways to think critically and apply the skills, whether that’s to their personal or professional lives.

General and Professional liability insurance for teachers is designed for home school teachers or tutors who help students of any age prepare for a standardized test, like the SAT or GRE.
For instance, private teaching at a client’s home and you accidentally spill your coffee on their beautiful white rug. Now, your client wants you to pay for third-party property damages.
Or, teaching an adult student a certain skill set. Because they need this skill set to get a job they’re running for. When they go to showcase what they’ve learned, they fail, which results in rejection. They blame a teacher for negligence, claiming that your faulty advice—and not their own mistakes—is why they didn’t get the job and lost the money they would’ve otherwise made.

Unfortunately, these mistakes and mishaps happen. And you deserve to work with the peace of mind knowing you’re protected. That’s why every professional teacher needs general liability insurance and professional liability insurance.

Liability Insurance for Teachers includes:

  • Bodily Injury
  • 3rd Party Property Damage
  • Defense Costs
  • Medical Coverage
  • Errors & Omissions

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