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When Do I Need It?

Automobile dealerships, parking lots or parking garage operators, tow-truck operators, service stations, and customization and repair shops will add garage liability insurance to their business liability coverage. The policy protects property damage and bodily injury resulting from operations.

The following types of business need garage liability:

  • Automobile Dealerships | Sales & Service
  • Marine Dealerships | Sales & Service
  • Semi-Truck Dealerships | Sales & Service
  • Farm Equipment Dealership | Sales & Service
  • Recreational Vehicle Dealership | Sales & Service
  • Trailer Dealerships
  • Service Operation
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Body Shop

The Benefits of Garage Liability Insurance:

Coverage includes bodily injury and property damage from direct garage operations, not covered under most commercial or business liability insurance. Before buying a policy, the business owner should verify that the garage liability coverage will add to, and not merely replace, their basic business liability coverage.

We offer:

Coverage will include injuries to customers while on the business grounds up to the chosen limits of the policy, employee dishonesty provision for theft or vandalism done by an employee of a customer’s car. For an added premium, any autos used in the conducting of business, such as courtesy vans and parts delivery trucks, may be added as well as damages from parts or products sold by the company and coverage for loss from faulty parts installed on a client’s vehicle. 

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