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Make sure your major exposures are covered

When Do I Need It?
Do you run a car dealership or any of the below types of company? Then you need Garage Insurance and/or GarageKeepers Liability to cover your daily operations.

  • Used Auto Dealers
  • Heavy Truck & Trailer Sales
  • Motorcycle & ATV Sales
  • Emergency Vehicle Sales and Repair
  • RV Dealers
  • Farming Equipment Sales
  • Contractors Equipment Sales
  • Golf Cart Dealers
  • Private Passenger Auto Repair
  • Body Shops
  • Mobile Detailers and Car Washes
  • Heavy Truck & Trailer Repair
  • Valet Services
  • Impound Yards – No scheduled Tow Trucks
  • Motorcycle & ATV Repair
  • Contractors, Farm, and Recreational Vehicle Repair
  • Alarm & Stereo Installation
  • Mobile , Auto, and Heavy Truck Repair
  • Tire Shops
  • Vehicle Wraps/Window Tinting

The Benefits of Getting Used Car Dealership Insurance
With a Used Car Dealership Insurance, you can be protected from the unique, daily risks you face on a daily basis, leaving you vulnerable to financial losses from lawsuits and inventory loss, among others.

Here are some specific claim examples that are covered by our insurance:

  • Protects Against On Premise Injuries
  • Workmanship or Faulty Parts Being Used For Repairs.
  • Garage Property Insurance
  • Your Building
  • Your Tools
  • Business Personal Property
  • Stolen Customer Vehicles
  • Vandalized Customer Vehicles
  • Natural Disaster Damage to Customer Vehicles

    Secure your Life’s Hard Work
    …with a commercial insurance brokerage provider who understands and will advocate for your needs. Ready to get started? Do not hesitate to send us your questions here for your inquiries about our company and brokerage services. You may also speak with our insurance consultant here for an expert take on the commercial insurance you need.

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